Sculpture Commissions

Jorge De la Torre (aka Torre) is the resident artist at Topkat Studios. Much of his work can be found on his web site at

Torre can sculpt portraits, pets, and abstract image interpretations based on the client’s desires. Most commissions are first sculpted in clay, then either fired or used to make a mold. The mold can then me cast in Bronze of forton.

bases, pedestals, and display cases

Topkat Studios houses a complete wood shop and regularly fabricates wooden or wood & metal bases, pedestals, and display cases for sculptures and other art. Wood and finish are selected by the client to best accompany the art itself, and not detract from it.


Beautiful art is intended to be displayed and well-lit. Topkat studios is experienced with lighting and wall-mounting solutions for art and sculptures.

For more information or to receive a quote for any art services at Topkat Studios, please contact
Rebecca De La Torre